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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Mild end to the winter

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

The first five days of February started both cold and frosty. However, a change to the south-westerly flow spread milder conditions.

The air flow from the far south introduced pleasantly warm and sometimes sunny days, but chilly nights. As a result, February’s averages may well end up being much milder than usual.

February 2019 (to the 17th)
Mean Max 9.2C 1.9 above average
Mean Min   0.5C   0.4 above average
Mean     4.9C   0.8 above average
Rainfall   33.1mm   63% of average
Sunshine 52.1 hrs 86% of average

January had a chilly and very dry start, with no recorded rainfall until the 11th. It then turned much colder again, the last day of the month being the coldest with a maximum temperature of only 1.1C.

There was also a low minimum of –7.4C on the 31st. However, there was little snowfall seen or recorded.

January 2019
Mean Max 6.5C 0.2 above average
Mean Min   1.0C   0.2 above average
Mean     3.8C   0.2 above average
Rainfall   36.1mm 53% of average
Sunshine 52.1 hrs 104% of average

As usual the computer models are poor in agreeing on March’s outlook. To begin with, we are likely to see Atlantic weather fronts affecting the northwest, perhaps making more progress across the country.

This will occasionally bring rain more widely, but with higher pressure remaining close to the east of the UK we may see a continuation of drier than average conditions.

As we go through March, more of a south easterly wind may develop, which could bring colder air from the continent across the UK. As frontal systems then come against this, there is the potential for some snow.

Overall, temperatures are likely to be near or slightly above average, but with the continued chance of some colder spells.

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