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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

As we went to press, January had been a fairly bland month. Temperatures showed no extremes of cold or mildness, with a mean of 0.5C above the norm.

However, there were a few windy periods, with gusts in excess of 50mph: we had 51mph on the 3rd and 52mph overnight on the 17/18th.

January 2018 (to the 19th)
Mean Max 6.9C   0.2 above average
Mean Min   2.0C   0.8 above average
Mean     4.5C   0.5 above average
Rainfall     39.0mm   57% of average
Sunshine 32.9 hrs 66% of average

December had two cold snowy spells. Snow started to fall and accumulate from the 8th, lying up to a depth of 20cm between the 8th and 14th.

Warmer mild air cleared the snow, leading to a mild spell in the run-up to Christmas Day, before further wet snow from the 26th to the 28th.

These fluctuations throughout the month led to a mean temperature of 4.5C, just above the 30-year mean.

December 2017
Mean Max 7.2C 0.1 above average
Mean Min   1.8C   0.3 above average
Mean     4.5C   0.2 above average
Rainfall   119.3mm 171% of average
Sunshine 63.2 hrs 129% of average

Averages and Means for 2017
Mean Max 14.4C   0.6 above average
Mean Min   6.8C   1.0 above average
Mean     10.6C   0.8 above average
Rainfall   795.6mm   105% of average
Sunshine 1351.1 hrs 108% of average

A near-normal year for rainfall and sunshine. The temperature again was above the 30-year average, following the general warming trend in the UK.

At the time of writing there seems little variation in the weather patterns with a mild changeable end to January.

There is the chance of a colder spell early in February, but all that can change with our current erratic weather.

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