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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Our long hot summer

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

From the middle of May onwards, temperatures have been considerably higher than normal. The last meaningful rainfall was on May 25/26th.

Since then only 5.5mm has fallen, hence the drought conditions we are now experiencing.

Parallels have been drawn with 1976. However, the temperatures then were higher with many days reaching 33–35C. The ground was also much drier, due to a very dry 1975.

If August follows suit, 2018 will be in the top five warmest summers in England since records began.

July 2018 (to the 20th)
Mean Max  26.5C  4.9 above average
Mean Min   12.9C    0.7 above average
Mean        19.7C    2.8 above average
Rainfall   0 mm   0% of average
Sunshine  182.3 hrs  117% of average

June 2018
Mean Max  21.6C   2.6 above average
Mean Min   11.2C   1.4 above average
Mean        16.4C    2.0 above average
Rainfall      5.5mm   9% of average
Sunshine  234.2 hrs  172% of average

June was extremely dry with rainfall of just 5.5mm, the second-driest month in my records since 1990. The only drier month was April 2011 with 4mm.

July’s daytime temperatures were very high with a maximum of 30.1C on the 5th. As we went to press, there had been no recorded rainfall since June 16th, and then only 1.2mm.

Models suggest that the weather pattern will only evolve very slowly. The west of the UK is likely to see more in the way of breezier, cloudier conditions, while further east, drier and more settled weather is expected to dominate, with the ongoing risk of showers or thunderstorms.

Temperatures generally remaining above average for most, with the potential for further spells of very warm or hot conditions, and possibly very hot in some areas. We will see!

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