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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Soggy start to spring

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

March brought quite a change from the spring-like weather of February, although temperatures stayed above average despite the wind and rain.

There were a few ground frosts to start the month, but no cold weather to really mention – very different from last year’s heavy snow.

It had been very wet up until the 20th, especially on the 5th (16.3mm) and the 12th (16.2mm).

March 2019 (to the 20th)
Mean Max  10.8C  0.8 above average
Mean Min   4.2C   1.8 above average
Mean        7.5C    1.3 above average
Rainfall   68.7mm   153% of average
Sunshine  47.9 hrs  51% of average

There was a very cold start to February, with a hard frost of –5.2C on the 3rd. It then became more changeable and wet up to the 10th, but was drier with little rainfall (1.9mm on the 18/19th) until we had 3.4mm on the last day of the month.

The most noteworthy thing was the level of sunshine – 115.6 hours in Alvechurch, 191% of the local average.

February 2019
Mean Max  11.1C  3.8 above average
Mean Min   1.7C   0.8 above average
Mean       6.4C   2.3 above average
Rainfall     38.4mm  73% of average
Sunshine 115.8 hrs  191% of average

Winter 2018–19 (Dec, Jan, Feb)
Mean Max  9.0C  2.0 above average
Mean Min   2.3C   0.8 above average
Mean        6.4C    1.4 above average
Rainfall   184.1mm   97% of average
Sunshine  298.9 hrs  187% of average

There is considerable uncertainty in the April forecast, but during the first week it looks most likely that changeable conditions will become established. Wet and windy weather may be interspersed with drier and brighter spells.

By the middle of the month, there is a possibility that more widely-settled weather may return. Temperatures will probably start off a little warmer than average, but may fall nearer to normal for a time early in the month.

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