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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Surprisingly dry month

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

November, up until the 20th at least, was a very mild month. The average temperature was 9.3C, which is 2.6C above the local average.

March was the last month with a near-normal average temperature. 2018 will probably be one of the warmest years in recent history.

Rainfall was low this month, only 30.4mm (39%) – very low for November which is usually quite wet and windy.

November 2018 (to the 20th)
Mean Max  12.1C  2.3 above average
Mean Min   6.5C   2.9 above average
Mean        9.3C    2.6 above average
Rainfall   30.4mm   39% of average
Sunshine  57.1 hrs  90% of average

October started out mild, with an average temperature of 12.5C – 2.4C above the local mean. The weather turned stormy, with a gust of 45mph on the 12th.

It was also very wet from the 12th to 15th, with 39.2mm of rain, making up most of the month’s rainfall. It then turned much colder and drier over the last 10 days, with the mean temperature ending up just 0.3C above the local mean.

October 2018
Mean Max  14.5C  0.6 above average
Mean Min   6.4C    exactly average
Mean       10.4C    0.3 above average
Rainfall     49.2mm   55% of average
Sunshine  125.9 hrs 136% of average.

Into early December, there is a lot of uncertainty; we may get a short-lived milder spell with winds from the west, or perhaps see even colder conditions if the winds turn more northerly or northeasterly.

There may be a continuation of the cold and mainly settled conditions – however, there is a chance that during early December the weather pattern may change, with fronts moving in from the west across the Atlantic.

This would bring longer spells of rain, interspersed with brighter, showery interludes, and it would also become less cold.

But, even if the change does happen, it won’t be long before we have more settled conditions again, perhaps by the middle of December.

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