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Parking crackdown

Posted on June 28 2013 at 9:32:44

Village centres across the area were freed of long-term parked cars almost overnight after new wardens were introduced.

Bromsgrove District Council took over parking control from the police last month and traffic wardens were soon out and about enforcing time-restrictions, particularly the 30-minute bays in the centres of Barnt Green and Alvechurch.

Anyone overstaying the time limit can receive a £50 ticket – reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days – while those contravening yellow lines or illegally parking in a disabled bay are likely to receive a £70 ticket, which can be reduced to £35.

It was immediately clear how many motorists had been breaking the rules as previously clogged bays throughout villages became clear for shoppers to use.

Meanwhile, the new Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) powers are to be used to sort out other traffic problems, particularly outside village schools, Lickey & Blackwell Parish Council heard.

The Old Birmingham Road, outside Lickey Hills Primary School, is a particular hazard as parents park on yellow lines to drop of their children.

Then in the afternoon, some parents arrive more than an hour before school ends and park on the road waiting for their children.

Bromsgrove councillor Richard Deeming said action would probably not begin until the new term in September, starting with two wardens in Lickey & Blackwell who will issue warnings before booking offenders.

Another Bromsgrove councillor, John Ruck, said the problem was often caused by “mothers who drop off their children and then have a chat with their friends”.

Coun Deeming said the scheme would probably not be popular, but that it had to be done.

“Hopefully this will solve the problems – and if not, at least we’ll make a lot of money!”

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