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Short-cut concerns

Posted on August 30 2019 at 11:01:47


Cofton Hackett residents are pleading with councillors, police and their MP to prevent vehicles using Ten Ashes Lane as a  “dangerous” cut-through.

Despite signs warning that it is “access only”, residents say the short-cut between Barnt Green Road and Groveley Lane is in constant use, with drivers often exceeding the speed limit, leading to concerns that a serious collision may occur.

Steve Smith has been campaigning for closure of the junction with Barnt Green Road, and says he has the backing of many occupants of Ten Ashes Lane and Lickey Coppice.

“It’s a dangerous junction to emerge from anyway, due to the gradient and restricted view. I wrote to all residents with my proposal and out of 44 replies, 37 were in favour of closure. Yes, it would mean a detour of 500 yards for residents but it would reduce the risks.”

Mr Smith says Cofton Parish Council told residents to contact county councillor Peter McDonald on Highways matters, but Coun McDonald pointed out that the county council had no reports of accidents in the past three years, and that the speed and volume of traffic were not “of a level of concern” to the police or the Highways Authority.

Speed monitoring cables placed at the Barnt Green Road junction in July 2019 recorded 488 vehicles per day using Ten Ashes Lane, but residents say they were too close to the junction so did not accurately reflect the speed of vehicles, and did not monitor drivers entering from Groveley Lane.

Mr Smith told The Village: “We know of several incidents – including one where the council had to make safe a lamp post that someone had crashed into – and that doesn’t take into account the many near-misses that don’t get recorded by police.

“I asked Coun McDonald if it would take a fatality before something was done, and the reply was that it would take two fatalities.”

Residents have also written to village MP Sajid Javid, but say they have had no response since February 2018. They plan to press the matter with Coun McDonald and to write to the Chief Constable.

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