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Posted on March 17 2013 at 1:34:33

Swan with cygnets

Readers may remember the lovely swan photo in our March magazine, taken by local photographer Paul Wilde on his daily walks around Paper Mill in Redditch.

Paul has now reported the sad news that one of the swans, the pen, has died.

Noticing that she looked sick, he rang Wychbold Swan Rescue who were quickly on the scene – but the pen died on the way to the rescue centre.

“These swans had eight beautiful cygnets last year but none survived the first month, so we were looking forward to the new batch due in May,” says Paul. 

“I am told that the male swan will eventually find a new mate, but not in time for a family this year.”

Jan Harrigan, founder of Wychbold Swan Rescue, said, “We can’t be sure of the cause of death because the swan died before a full examination could be carried out, but many swans die each year from lead shot poisoning, which is a terrible problem.”

Wychbold Swan Rescue cares for sick and injured water birds of all types, assisted by veterinary support. Jan set up the centre, a registered charity, almost 40 years ago after rescuing her first injured swan, and her work was honoured with an MBE in 2004.

She says dog attacks are responsible for many injuries and fatalities, and implores owners to keep all dogs on a lead when walking near water and wildfowl.

Litter is another big problem, with birds ingesting or becoming entangled in discarded items.

Wychbold Swan Rescue relies upon charitable donations, so if you would like to help with fundraising please visit

The website also contains information on the many dangers to swans and water birds.

Above: The pen with her cygnets last year (Pic/Paul Wilde).

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