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Police should listen to residents’ concerns

Posted on September 30 2019 at 2:01:08

With regard to the issue of motorists using Ten Ashes Lane as a cut-through (Short-cut concerns, The Village September 2019), I find it interesting that the local police deem that the speed and volume of traffic was “not of a high level of concern”, despite it being so for the residents of the road.

Surely our police “police by consent” and if it’s a concern for the residents then they should at least be looking at the problem.

It’s not that 488 vehicles are speeding anyway, it’s that the majority of them are clearly ignoring an Access Only sign.

On such a short stretch of road it would only need a occasional visits by a couple of officers, reporting offenders, before the problem was resolved.

Mick Jennings, Cofton Hackett

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