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Rat-run solution

Posted on September 19 2013 at 11:51:34

I was wondering whether any other residents of the Oakalls have brought up the subject of vehicles using Regents Park Road as a “rat run” at high speeds?

A high volume of vehicles are daily diverting from the slip road off the Bromsgrove Highway to try to get to the main island in front of other cars who are queued at the end of the highway.

I cannot see the importance of the slip road from the highway – the “entry” slip road was closed a number of years ago, so that all vehicles from Finstall and surrounding villages that need to join the Bromsgrove to Redditch highway did so from the main traffic island at the entrance to The Oakalls.

I think there should be a campaign to close the exit slip road from the Bromsgrove Highway into The Oakalls to stop the high volume of cut-through traffic racing through the estate.

Even emergency ambulance/fire access would not be affected by a closure of this slip road – anything travelling from Redditch could simply drive via the traffic island on to the housing estate and all other Bromsgrove based services approach the estate from the traffic island anyway.

The improvements would be a reduction in the “rat run” traffic through Regents Park Road and therefore a lower risk for accidents with children living in the properties close to the road.

I would be interested to find out other readers’ thoughts on this matter.

KD, The Oakalls

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