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Posted on July 02 2013 at 11:10:37

To mow, or not to mow?

On the one hand, we have correspondence from a reader wanting to see a play area properly maintained; and on the other from a commuter who would like to see a bank of grass and wildflowers by a station left alone to give him something to look at while waiting for his morning train.

The answer in both these cases is clear: the play area designated on the former Black Paddock in Alvechurch – overlooked by the large houses built amid controversy almost ten years ago – should be maintained in a way that will allow it to be played upon.

St Laurence Church received money to carry out this task and should be encouraged to tackle the grass more than once or twice a summer.

Otherwise the play area cannot be used and, over time, villagers will forget that it is there for them to use.

Perhaps the parish council might want to install some benches and a picnic table or two on the grass there, so that people will feel more welcome to enjoy this public facility?

As for railway embankments, along with roadside verges and other areas around our villages . . . we say let them grow.

Maybe it’s our Village hippie spirit, but there has been an increasing urge over the past few years to trim and neaten every bit of grass on view, as if we are living in suburbia.

Let’s cling on to whatever rural-ness we can, particularly around railway lines and canals.

At least this is one area where cuts in public spending mean fewer cuts where we don’t want them.

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